Flavor Studio

Hedblom Cacao is a vertically-integrated cacao FLAVOR STUDIO that helps its clients to conceptualize and unveil unique

cacao sensorial experiences.

Cacao Bean Segmentation

Our modular approach to logistics and deep understanding of our 3,000-plus direct-trade farmer network, allow us to segment our product offering by specific demographics.

Chocolate Microbatch

We manage six highly exclusive single-origin chocolate microbatches of up to   360 MT per season.

Flavor Studio

Our product portfolio consists of
Organic & Conventional Cacao:
Beans - Nibs
Liquor - Butter - Powder

We nurture our Flavor and Aroma bank by carefully mapping each genetic profile, evaluating the distinctiveness of each terroir and the influence of climatological factors.

Cacao-Bean Segmentation

Women-Led Farms

Output from women-led farms. In the best cases, originated from their partners’ migrant and seasonal agricultural jobs; in the worst cases, the result of geographic dislocation as consequence of their partner‘s repeated gender violence or abusive behavior.

Senior Farmers

Farms led by agricultural individuals at the verge of or beyond their retirement age (over 60-years old), whose sole income source is the commercialization of their own agricultural output and whose social safety net has weakened due to younger-generation migration to larger towns or cities.

Large Families

Farms owned or run by a family (by blood or marriage) that sustains the livelihood of at least three children and whose farm ownership has often times been passed down by inheritance.

Crop-migrated farmers

Farmers who, tired by the fear, violence, intimidation and uncertainties that are part and parcel of the drug business, have embraced cacao as an alternative cash-crop to substitute their coca-leave production and earn a decent livelihood.

Chocolate Microbatch

Our chocolate micro-batches are carefully developed using the best raw materials only and often times follow a highly specific client-driven sensorial profile, which entails among others naturally accentuating or mitigating certain sensorial “notes” to conform a unique chocolate experience.

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